Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Auditing public transport accessibility in New Zealand

C. O'Fallon
Pinnacle Research & Policy Ltd, Wellington
NZ Transport Agency research report 417
October 2010

The purpose of this research project was to review international best practice for auditing public transport (PT) accessibility and to develop and pilot a New Zealand-specific PT accessibility audit methodology.

The accessibility audit takes a whole-of-journey approach to accessibility, thus incorporating the following elements:

  • accessing information about the services
  • getting to the service
  • paying for the service (access to information about the cost of the service and the physical ability to project)
  • getting on board
  • 'enjoying the ride'
  • getting to the final destination (including ensuring that services in the network take people where they want to go, when they want to be there)
  • making the return trip.

Auditing the accessible journey means that all the steps needed for a person to get from their home to their destination and then home again are regarded as linked and of equal importance. If one link is broken or inadequate, the whole journey becomes impractical or impossible.

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