Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving freight with better trucks: Improving safety, productivity and sustainability

April 2011

This report identifies potential improvements in terms of more effective safety and environmental regulation for trucks, backed by better systems of enforcement, and identifies opportunities for greater efficiency and higher productivity.

The report is based on a review of literature, consultation among stakeholders, and research and analysis from working group members. It also presents the results of a comprehensive benchmarking study of 39 truck configurations in operation around the world – from typical workhorse vehicles to very high capacity vehicles – and assesses their performance in terms of dynamic stability, productivity and impact on the infrastructure.


Chapter 1. Trends in Road Freight Transport
Chapter 2. Logistic Challenges in the Road Transport Market
Chapter 3. Regulation of Road Freight Transport
Chapter 4. Evaluation of Truck Performance
Chapter 5. Environmental Challenges
Chapter 6. Heavy Truck Safety
Chapter 7. Infrastructure Challenges
Chapter 8. Current Use of Higher Capacity Vehicles
Chapter 9. Regulating for Improved Performance
Chapter 10. Compliance and Responsibility
Annex A. Vehicle Technical Standards: UNECE Agreements
Annex B. Truck Safety Data (Complement to Chapter 6)
Annex C. Evolution in Freight Transport

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